Giga Circle Content Guidelines


To give visitor a pleasant browsing experience, we impose the following rules when posting any content on Giga Circle:


  1. Low quality, short, meaningless content are prohibited.
  2. Please make sure to include all relevant images/videos with your article。
  3. Pornography, adult, or mature content are prohibited.
  4. You must give your article a proper title, do not use "Funny joke 1", "funny joke 2"...etc.
  5. You are allowed to post articles in any languages except Chinese which should be posted on the Chinese version of Giga Circle.
  6. Any form of advertising is forbidden.
  7. No personal attacks, or topics that is negatively controversial
  8. Do not separate image/album into different posts, keep them all in one post unless image exceeds 50.
  9. You are not allowed to copy articles submitted by other members
  10. You must not post any content that potentially infringes copyright laws.
  11. You must use ethical method to promote your articles, you must also follow any rules on other websites where your promote the article.
  12. Content that does not belong to the content(footer, signatures etc) cannot exceed 6 lines.
  13. When posting YouTube videos, you must write at least 40 words to accompany your video.
  14. You must not use irrelevant images in attempt to attract article views.
  15. You must make sure the images reflect the actual story.
  16. You must select whether you have written the article yourself, or you have got it from somewhere else. More info.
  17. Do not post information that is inaccurate
  18. No violence, gore etc.

If any of the above rule is breached, your article and earnings will be deleted without any further notice.

Your account may also be disabled without warning in more serious circumstances.

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